Electronics Industry

The electronics industry can conjure very specific risks, and at Premier Insurance Consultants we offer electronics insurance which is designed to cover even the most obscure amongst them and minimise disruption if or when it occurs.

This wide-reaching cover includes additional features as standard, all of which are relevant and valuable to those working with electronics. For example, failure to perform (Efficacy) cover is included – so if one of your customers suffered loss or damage due to your product not doing what you said it would, they could sue you for compensation and this extension of your policy would respond and protect you.

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Key Policy Features

  • Public, products and employers’ liability
  • Failure to perform (Efficacy)
  • Faulty design and/or advice
  • Business contents
  • Loss of business profits or business interruption
  • Goods in transit
  • Legal expenses
  • Commercial loss recovery
  • Financial loss
  • Computer breakdown
  • Material damage
  • Increased cost of working
  • Reinstatement of data