Volumetric Vehicles

Concrete volumetric batching unit insurance – aside from being a mouthful and something that would baffle most underwriters – is very much a specialist insurance market and one which the team here at Premier Insurance Consultants have specialised in for over 25 years.

We overcome the usual problematic exclusions of motor insurance, such as excluding all theft cover whist your key is in the ignition, to offer insurance that’s specific to concrete trucks and the way they’re used, with a premium that can still be on average significantly less than prices on other policies arranged to cover the same areas.

Call us on 01204 388644 to see if we can save you money on a combined Volumetric Vehicles insurance policy while enhancing your cover.

Key Policy Features

  • Unique and specialist covers only available here
  • No complicated forms to complete
  • Full theft cover whilst keys in vehicle
  • Any driver cover